Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Second review for Torc's Salvation!

Hired mercenary Torc a Zorg only needs to claim a Delicant, a prized pleasure slave, from a highly fortified compound her sheik owns. Torc isn’t prepared for Ailyea Meegan. After all, women are so rare that he hasn’t seen many naked and he has never had sex. It is her submissive (to him browbeaten) attitude that makes him want to kill every other man around. It doesn’t help that everytime he says a certain phrase she presents herself to him for sex. All he needs to do is drop her off and be done. Unfortunately, life never goes how you want much to your happiness.

Ms. Logen has an appealing, inventive and passionate story. Torc’s Salvation was not at all what I expected, which is always a nice surprise if the author can pull it off. Torc’s character is as developed as his super hot body and I wanted to cuddle the man and well… let us just say my husband benefited. He is complex, brooding and almost desolate in his acceptance of his hard life. He barely remembers happiness and love. Ailyea is a dynamic character that was written with perfection. The author’s glimpses of her mind show her intelligence and her resourcefulness even though she has been thoroughly brainwashed. What is extremely refreshing is, instead of the perspective of a woman having to accept her submission; Ms. Logen pushes her character to find her assertiveness. Ms. Logen helps out with a unique solution that helps resolve that issue. The sex before there even was actual sex was engaging and impassioned. The story could have been tightened with additional editing. While this story is about a woman brainwashed into being a submissive woman it is not truly about BDSM. If you are looking for a hot BDSM story this is not it. Yet, there are some caustic uses of Ailyea that is NOT for the faint of heart. It is perfect for the story but may be difficult for those with issues involving nonconsensual interactions. The love story is truly what shines in Torc’s Salvation and I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy a true romance. I hope that we will learn more about this fascinating world in future stories.

Thank you, Julie! And thank you JERR!

We're so thrilled!

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That's a fabulous review! 4/5 Stars! Woohoo!


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