Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Time to vote ~

ROMANTIC TIMES is compiling a list of the best Erotica and Erotic Romances of all time! They'd love our input! Send a list of titles/authors to: Cheryl@RomanticTimes.com The best-of list will appear in the March 2006 issue!

I know Robin Schone & Emma Holly will be on my list! These two ladies have influenced me greatly.

*Gasp* Oh mercy…Robin’s finally settled with Kensington Publishing! OH…we get another wonderfully, sensually erotic romance from her! I can't wait! Check it out! http://www.robinschone.com/page/coming_soon.htm

We’d also enjoy hearing who your very favorite erotica and erotic romance writers are. :-)

Until later~


Anonymous Mo said...

I will be voting for them too! So happy for Robin and for me *g* I have missed her stories!I hope she tells us about Damon, the gilted doctor or Bainbridge with the runaway wife, both mentioned in Awaken My Love. Robin writes erotica with a story and characters that have a depth to them. Not just porn on a page. Why i know i will enjoy Torc's Salvation, because you ladies know how to tell a story too.

4:46 PM  

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