Saturday, December 10, 2005

A recent read.

By Morgan Hawke.
Genre: Contemporary m/m
You can read all about it by clicking above.

This was my first eXasty book. Morgan has a style of writing I forget about until I pick up a new book by her. She writes in single third person. While I’ve personally never found any single POV quite as satisfying, or depth as engaging as multiple POVs, I enjoyed Torrid. Morgan is a very talented writer. And it’s a novella so it was a quick read. It was just what I needed to curb my reading addition to make it through preparation for finals.

You’ll find some great stuff on Morgan’s website~

Her blog is one of the best on the web. I always look forward to her entries.

Until later~


Blogger Morgan Hawke said...

Wow Mel,
- I'm so glad you like my writing style. (wink!)

3:52 PM  

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