Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mrs. Giggles' Hero Don'ts

LOL Mel passed this along to me. It does have a few points, I have to admit.

Be warned, her style is rather blunt and graphic.


My favorite is her point on the hero not experiencing premature takeoff after lusting after the heroine to the point he'll die if he doesn't get her. I've thought about that before when it's not happened in a book.

May the muses have larger than life heroes


Blogger Annalee Blysse said...

Interesting post about heros, thanks for forwarding it on your post.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Rebecca Airies said...

Interesting and too right in some cases. I've been reading romance since highschool as well and some of those things have often run through my head.

Especially the one about the man not getting excited by his mistress. Mentioning that he was aroused by the sight of this naked woman, whom he presumably found very enticing at one point, wouldn't offend my sensibilities. At least I wouldn't have to roll my eyes and mutter 'yeah, right!.'

4:41 AM  
Blogger Melany said...

I thought it was interesting. I'm glad you both did too *g*.

Rebecca, I agree, I don't think it would offend me either long as he didn't act on it.

3:42 PM  

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