Friday, January 20, 2006

To follow Lany’s entry about reviews~

I’ve been reading romance since I was a senor in high school and my lit teacher gave me Shanna. And not one time have I ever bought a book based on a review. Not once! If I like the premise of a story, I buy it. If I like the excerpt, I buy it.

Reviews are opinions. Someone’s take on a story. I’ve always preferred to discover what I think of a book, movie, or whatever for myself.

From what I’ve noted from the blog entries and more- I think reviewers should only review genres they like to read. I will never review a true crime story.

Also, I think ANY review should be constructive and considerate. That horrid WOLF TALES review on Amazon was an assault on many readers likes.

For those who need a lesson, I took an expository writing class last year that taught us to do reviews. I wanted to be able to give a professional review if ever necessary.

Open with the title, author and bit about the author. Is the author branching out with this story? Is she a debut author?
Give a summery of the plot. Include sexual content.
Close with your “own” opinion of the story, writing, etc. Did you like it? Does the author have potential?

You can apply this format to anything. Movies. The theater. A soundtrack.

Also, it’s recommended to come up with a story tag for the story, so the author can quote it.

I recently read KEY OF SEA by Mary Stella. I didn’t do a complete review. You all can make up your own minds. But, I did a story tag.

KEY OF SEA by Mary Stella
A sweet romance and very good.

If you’re interested in escaping with a younger man…check out KOS at

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