Monday, January 16, 2006


So Angie W posted on Romancing the Blog about reviews. It was an interesting column and provoked tons of responses and blog entries.

It's hard not to take a negative review personally. But I do think as an author, I do need to. I know it's my baby, but not everyone is going to love it. Hopefully some will :) and that's what I need to take to heart.

Karen S. and Mary Janice Davidson got into an exchange over the RTB that left me laughing. They are both very irreverant. MJD's post of talking to her editor really had me chuckling.

Beth Ciotta had a post about fears and perseverence. I love her quote, "My passion is stronger than my fear." I'm putting it somewhere where I write. I also love "Just Do it." Because that's exactly what I need to do. Even if it means sometimes I don't hit my mark the first time. I have to give myself permission to write badly. I can always fix it.

May the muses just do it


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