Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I say frequently these days

1. Get off there! (to the kitten. I must toss him off of stuff 50 times a day)

2. I fed you already (to the kitten, Diva Kitty, and the dog)

3. Get out of the candy! (the kids and Halloween candy)

4. Are you listening to me? (the youngest gets involved in TV, the oldest in books, regardless I have to make sure they're hearing me)

5. Stop licking me (to the dog).

6. Get off my head (the kitten has started climbing up to the top of my desk chair and using my head or neck for a pillow).

7. Stop stomping on my keyboard (to either cat but mostly Diva Kitty)

8. Bring home everything from school even if you don't think you have homework (to the kids, a sore subject).

9. I need coffee (darn time change).

10. Stop doing that (to kids, computer, pets, phone, LOL)

11. I need a nap (darn time change).

12. Pick it up! I don't care whose it is.

13. Ahhhh. A quiet house.



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