Thursday, September 25, 2008

13 things in Mel's purse

I cleaned my purse out last night and look at the odd things I found. :)

1. A batting glove (Since it's all black it belongs to Rafe.)

2. A pacifier. (Little J's.)

3. Chapstick (Alys is addicted to the stuff. She got the habit of using it as a toddler from my dad.)

4. A spare key. (I'm supposed to give it to Nick.)

5. A CD. (I'm supposed to mail it to one of my aunts.)

6. Coupons. (My mom saves them for Nick. I'm supposed to give them to him. But sometimes I forget.)

7. A half a bag of chewy Sweet Tarts. (Left over from the last movie I saw)

8. My mojo bag. ( I never leave home without it.)

9. An S.L. Carpenter promo pen. (It's so cool. It lights up.)

10. My car keys. (Habit. I gave up driving last September.)

11. Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Rafe's always asking me to hold them.)

12. The October flyer for new movie video releases. (My mom's.)

13. A small packet of band-aids and Triple antibiotic ointment. (Can never be too prepared. )

Strange how most of them don't belong there.

Until later~

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Anonymous Paula said...

How big is your bag? LOL I can't imagine fitting all that in my purse...

2:57 AM  

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