Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I’m not looking forward to about RT by Lany

1. The drive. Six hours. I will have Sapphire Phelan with me to pass the time. As I get lost *cough*.
2. Parking. I’m not brilliant in parking decks.
3. Someone once said a writer’s conference consisted of a bunch of introverts pretending to be extroverts. Yes, after being around so many people and having to play like I’m not quiet and shy…
4. Pitching. Yes, I get nervous. Uggh.
5. Wearing nice shoes. I’m used to sneakers. LOL sometimes the feet don’t like to wear flats.
6. Being away from email. I may take my laptop but know I won’t get to check that often. I’ll be having withdrawal.
7. The edits I think are going to come while I’m at RT.
8. Being away from the hubby. I miss him when I’m gone. I'll miss the girls, too. And the critters.
9. Coming home to…*whispers* a nasty house. After only being gone a weekend, I’ve come home and had to clean before I could sit down.
10. Coming home to everyone wanting my attention. The hubby, both kids, and both pets are going to want a piece of me Sunday.
11. How tired I’m going to be on Sunday. I’ll have several late late nights.
12. The drive home. Coming home from New Jersey on a Sunday was busy as could be once I hit Washington. I anticipate the same this time *sigh*
13. Getting caught up on everything I need to on Monday. Writing, mail, email, Google reader (eek I’m already behind and have over 150 unread feeds). Did I mention writing?

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