Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Seasons of Seduction II

Hiya gang,

We’ve finally got the list of who’ll all be taking part in SoSII anthology with us.

As mentioned below:
Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Cheyenne McCray *fan girl gawk*

To round out the short stories are:
Lani Aames
Megan Kerans (Megan’s first story with EC!)
And my friend Rebecca Aires! *tosses confetti* I think it’s cool we’re in the same anthology!

Truthfully, being part of SoSII is especially exciting -for me- because of the way Viking’s Pledge got drawn into the pool. VP had already been contracted and was waiting to be released. EC thought it’d work for a Caveman slot. Isn’t it interesting how life just happens and sometimes the right pieces come together?

*Grin* Sometimes people just get lucky!

Until later~


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