Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hiya gang!

I apologize it’s taken me so long to get an entry posted. Life’s been hectic.

Lany and I had a fabulous time at our first chat! And mercy…what a turn out for the contests we held! Thank you so much –to each and every one of you- who participated.

Michelle was our basket winner!

The three other winners:
Betty won a download from Ann Jacob’s.
Tina won a download from Jodi Lynn Copeland.
Amy won a copy of Torc’s Salvation download.

I’m a research nut! And I like learning what others like and want. Australia came out the BIG winner of my question--- if you could travel to any country which would it be? Australia is on my list of countries to visit!

A couple countries that surprised me were Germany and Japan. *Grin* I lived in Germany. It truly is a beautful country. Watch out for the black ice. It’s very bad over there in the winter.

I’d assumed I’d get a flood of entries listing tropical counties, but no such thing. Though both Spain and Greece made the ranks. I do believe both of these countries are on the Mediterranean Sea. Can you imagine relaxing on the beach and looking out over the Mediterranean Sea? *Grin* someone has a special birthday coming up in 07!

Ireland with Scotland ran a close second and third. Many entries want to visit these two countries for historical purposes. Me, too!

Danny and Melissa were our special interest winners. They won Quickie downloads of their choice. It was neat to see which books were chosen.

Until later~


Blogger Melany said...

I wanna go to Germany. And Scotland for that matter.

Scotland is where my grandmother's family came from.

My dad was stationed in Germany when he was in the army. He loved it there. Always talked about it very fondly. I'd love to see it. Always wish we could taken him back there before he passed away.


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