Thursday, November 30, 2006

A good read

I'm so behind in my blogging. I read this book a few weeks ago and meant to blog about it.

Giving Chase by Lauren Dane had an engrossing story, which kept me reading. I really liked the heroine, Maggie, and the growth she shows during the book. I hadn't paid a lot of attention to the blurb so started the book thinking it would be one hero, but it quickly moved on to the real hero, Kyle. Kyle's a nice guy and quite hotly written. I loved Mrs. Chase! She's like the mama everyone wants for their own.

The 2nd in the series, Taking Chase, just came out, and I will be using a writing reward to purchase it.

Right now, I'm reading "Everything Changes" by Jonathan Tropper. Not that I've read a whole lot of chick lit, but this book reminds me of guy chick lit. It's interesting.



Anonymous Lauren said...

Thank you, hon! I'm glad you liked GC.

3:36 PM  

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