Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things on my tree I love

1. My Snoopys and Peanuts collection! Yes, it's spread to the tree.

2. Our first Christmas together ornament(s). We actually have two because we bought our house right before we got married and the hubby bought me one that year and the next.

3. The ornaments the kids have made. It's like a little treasure trove with pictures of them when were so little.

4. Ornaments commeorating the pets' first Christmas with us. I need to get one for spaz kitten.

5. The star. It's plastic like stained glass but I love it.

6. The jingle bell lights. LOL hubby brought them into the marriage. They play Christmas carols and the lights blink in time to the music.

7. The hubby's shuttle from Star Trek. I don't know why, but I think it's cute. You plut it into a light and Spock talks.

8. My MIL's Glass balls. They aren't on the tree this year because we didn't know how spaz kitten would handle the tree. They look like shimmery bubbles. I've always thought they were beautiful.

9. Some ornaments the hubby and I made when we first got married. We didn't have a lot of money that year, so we bought this kit that had plast you melted into a frame and it looked like stained glass. We still have a few of them.

10. The hubster's little silver angel that he got when he was a boy.

11. The kitty cat ornaments that the youngest got last year. Orange and white kitty cats.

12. A little dog wearing a santa hat.

13. A snowman ornament with all our names on it that was given to us by a close friend.


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