Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Law's Deliverance is out!

It's so exciting! Law's Deliverance released overnight last night!

This story is set in the same world as Ingram's Charm but isn't a sequel.

The blurb: Law's been urged to get a sex slave by many before he weds the "right" woman of royalty, but he's never thought about actually doing it. Until he sees Larissa sashay across the stage. She's angry, spunky, and beautiful. Before he knows what he's doing, he's bid on her. And won her.

Larissa's not happy to be won. She's not a sex slave and has no intention of doing what Law or anyone else wants. She soon comes to learn she's been bought by the Prince of Bergogia. Only being royalty has him in as many chains as a slave. With luck, a little hot, heady sex will win him over, and he'll let her go.

Larissa's plan backfires, and Law's more interested than ever. And so is she. But Law can't keep her forever on the side and she can't be his bride. Will Larissa be Law's downfall or his deliverance?

To read an excerpt.


Blogger FeyRhi said...

Great job ladies!! It was a great read. I was forced to stop and feed the kidlets or I would have read it top to bottom in one go. I hope you have plans for Rhys. *G* Love that name.

8:30 PM  

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